C3 WorkLounge

We are on a journey to help you Connect, Collaborate and Create in our beautifully designed space

Located in Cambium Place at Old Sawmill District

C3 WorkLounge

C3 allows our Missoula business community to be fully engaged, inspired, happier, healthier and more productive

Located in Cambium Place at Old Sawmill District

C3 WorkLounge

We offer a sophisticated membership program, concierge-style amenities, and event space

Located in Cambium Place at Old Sawmill District


Do you need a private secure office for a small team with 24x7 access? Do you want maximum membership benefits? Private offices feature glass walls to maintain privacy and openness. Offices are fully furnished with 2 desks, 2 chairs, a whiteboard and lockable file cabinets. This membership comes with ample monthly conference room credits with the ability to purchase additional credits. (Offices subject to availability)

Steady Eddy

Do you need a space to call your own within our community, a desk solely dedicated to you with all your pictures and other personal accouterments? Your dedicated desk membership allows you 24x7 keyless access with all the Freelancer membership benefits plus 8 conference room credits/month and the ability to purchase more. (Desks subject to availability)


Are you a remote worker, part-time worker or kicking your business up a notch? Do you need to have client meetings in an impressive space and network with other entrepreneurs? Come in and grab a seat in the common coworking areas Monday through Friday during business hours. Freelancer memberships include high-speed internet via WiFi, free coffee, tea, craft on draft, fruit water, kitchen use, and access to our conference rooms, copy services and more.

Jet Setter

Here on business, want to try out our space, or do you want to get out of the office for a day? Jet Setter weekly and daily rates allow you to work in any of the open common coworking areas during a weekday from 9am to 5pm. This includes high-speed internet via WiFi, free coffee, tea, craft on draft, fruit water, private call booths, kitchen use, and access to our copy services and more.

The Wanderer

Need an impressive business address with mail services that include scanning and emailing your mail to you when you're on the go, or space to bring clients for meetings? Our virtual memberships provide you with the tools you need, so there are no barriers to virtual teamwork. Digital mail service, conference rooms, event space, and networking with a community of peers are included.

Why Coworking Works

A well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience allow coworkers a higher level of thriving than their office-based counterparts. Harvard Business Review found People who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful. They have more job control. They feel part of a community.

  • At-A-Glance

    A membership-style business coworking lounge and innovation space.
    Anchor (private office), Steady Eddy (dedicated desk), Freelancer (sit anywhere and work), Jet Setter (daily use), The Wanderer (virtual member).
    Conference Rooms (advanced technology), Phone Booths, business-class Copy Services and more.

  • Technology

    High-speed, reliable internet throughout. C3 offers some of the highest internet speeds available in Missoula. Advanced technology, ceiling-mounted projector and screen for events, important meetings and more are also included.

  • Space Design

    Interiors and amenities designed to energize and create synergy to members and visitors.
    Designed for Missoula’s entrepreneurs, start-ups, consultants, professionals, micro-businesses, remote workers and thought leaders.

  • The Neighborhood

    Need a quick workout? Head upstairs to Brio Fitness.
    Hungry? Grab something quick to eat at the neighborhood market next door. (Opening 2019)
    Thirsty? Hop across the street to Sawmill Grille, our neighborhood restaurant and gastropub. (Opening 2019)

  • Staffing

    C3 is staffed from 9am-5pm by a community manager.

  • Food and Beverages

    Complimentary coffee, teas, fresh fruit water, microbrew draft beer, snacks and a kitchen area with a refrigerator and microwave.

  • Building Access

    The building is available to Anchor, Steady Eddy and Freelancer Plus+ members 24×7 with secure access. All other memberships include 9am-5pm open access.

  • Missoula Tech Industry

    Uniquely positioned to take advantage of the explosive tech environment in Missoula (ranked 5th in the nation for startups and high-tech businesses, according to Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, April 2017), C3 WorkLounge caters to entrepreneurs, remote workers and traveling business people.

  • Pricing

    Anchor (private office – subject to availability): $500/month
    Steady Eddy (dedicated desk – subject to availability): $250/month
    Freelancer (open-seating): $150/month (regular) or $200/month (24/7 access – subject to availability)
    Jet Setter (daily use): $25/day or punch pass for $15/day for 5-10 punches
    The Wanderer (virtual member): $50/month

  • Membership Rules and Policies

    Assigning of Offices and Dedicated Desks
    Anchor offices and Steady Eddy dedicated desks will be assigned on a first come, first served basis – based on sign-up date and time. If you are unhappy with your desk, or would like to change desks in the future, please let the Community Manager know, so they may put you on the Wait List.
    Availability of Office Space
    If C3 is unable to make the office space available to you by agreed upon start date, C3 will not be subject to any liability therefor, nor will such failure affect the validity of this Agreement. In this event, you will not be obligated to make payments of the Membership fee until the office space is made available to you. If the office space is not made available to you within fifteen (15) days of the start date, you may terminate this Agreement by providing C3 with notice of such termination any time before the office space is made available to you. If you elect to terminate Membership under this provision, C3 will refund to you any fees paid by you and received by C3.
    Prior to Start Date
    You may cancel this Agreement prior to the start date upon delivery of notice to C3, and may be entitled to full or partial refund of commitment fee upon the following terms:
    i. If notice to termination is received by C3 more than twenty-one (21) days prior to the start date, you will be refunded all fees paid by you and received by C3.
    ii. If notice of termination is received by C3 less than twenty-one (21) days from start date, you will be refunded fifty percent (50%) of the commitment fee.
    After Start Date
    You may cancel your membership after the start date through Proximity. No prorated refunds will be given, so we suggest cancelling your renewing membership close to your monthly end date.
    i. Anchor and Steady Eddy memberships require a written 30-day notice to the Community Manager before cancelling their monthly membership plan.
    ii. A fee may be incurred if notice is not received 30 days prior to vacancy.
    Quiet, well behaved children are welcome for a brief visit. If something unexpected comes up and you have a child who needs to be with you for the day and can work quietly by your side, please check-in with the Community Manager. Children need to be supervised by their parents at all times and children cannot cause an ongoing distraction to other members.
    Conference Room After Hours
    In the case Conference Room is reserved after normal business hours by a 24×7 Member, all guests must be approved by C3 Community Manager before 12PM (noon) that day.
    i. No more guests may be present than allotted seating in Conference Room.
    ii. Same rules and regulations as Conference Room usage during normal hours apply for after-hours usage.
    C3 allows Guests (visitors) for all Members.
    i. Members are required to have ALL visitors check in with the Community Manager prior to usage of the space. This will be done through Proximity. You will be notified when your guest has arrived.
    ii. There is a limit to four (4) guests per Member allowed at a time. Exceptions will be granted if conference room is being utilized.
    a. Conference Room usage will include guest passes up to the standard capacity of the room.
    iii. All Guests may be required to pay a day use fee for usage of the space that exceeds 2 hours, at the current prevailing rate. Exceptions will be granted if conference room is being utilized.
    Lockable lockers are provided by C3 and are located in the back (west) hallway. You may use these to leave items overnight, or for personal items during the day. We suggest purchasing your own padlock for security measures.
    i. With 10 days’ prior written notice to Member, management reserves the right to cut locks and empty lockers after 30 days if membership dues are in past-due status.
    Member Disputes
    C3 does not control and is not responsible for the actions of other Members. If a dispute arises between Members or their Guests, C3 shall have no responsibility or obligation to participate, mediate, or indemnify any party. C3 does reserve the right to terminate Membership immediately, without refund, if any Membership dispute becomes disruptive. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
    Free parking is available to all Members. A fee-free parking lot is available on the south side of the building, towards the walking trail. On-street parking is also available – on the north side of Wyoming Street, in front of the Cambium Place building. There is no reserved parking, and parking is a first-come first-served basis.
    C3 is dog friendly. One (1) well-behaved dog will be accepted, per Member, and there is a limit to three (3) dogs in the space at one time. Dogs must be under 50 lbs., be current on their vaccines, and not be an interruption to others using the C3 space.
    i. The dog must be approved by the Community Manager before entrance. 24-hour notice is preferable.
    ii. A deposit of $125 will be required before dog is allowed at C3. This is to be paid through Proximity.
    iii. Dogs may not be left unattended at any time.
    iv. You must use the designated pet area (Silver Park or Milwaukee trail) and pick up after your pet during their bathroom breaks.
    v. Documentation of current vaccines must be provided to Community Manager.
    vi. If problems with pet occur, you will be asked to remove your dog from the space for the remainder of the day. Second incident will result in permanent elimination of the dog from C3.
    Referral Program
    Any current member who refers a new, successful membership will received a discount of 10% on their next monthly bill. Number of referrals are unlimited, but discounts are limited to 10% per month.
    i. If more than one successful membership referral happens within a month, one (1) 10% discount may be rolled over to the following month.
    Private Offices and Dedicated Desks
    Member acknowledges that office and desk space have limited capacity. Whether or not additional Members are included on Member’s account, no more than capacity is permitted to work in Member’s space at any given time. Office and Dedicated Desk space capacity are listed in Membership Details on Agreement.
    Team & Corporate Memberships
    TBD – not available at this time.
    Wait List for Anchor offices and Dedicated Desks
    A wait list will be compiled by the Community Manager for current members who would like to upgrade to an Anchor office, Steady Eddy dedicated desk, or to get a different location of their current office or desk. Please see the Community Manager for current standings and availability.

Amenities included at C3 WORKLOUNGE

  • Front Desk Service
  • Lightning-fast internet
  • Conference Rooms with advanced technology
  • Mail service receiving and scanning
  • Locally-sourced coffee and tea
  • Fresh fruit water
  • Craft on Draft
  • Community kitchen
  • Private call booths
  • Business-class copy service
  • Daily cleaning

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