The C3 Blog

  • Jul 23 2019

    C O M M U N I T Y – A group, body, clan, coterie, set, section, or band living in the same quarters or share the same set of interests. A feeling of fellowship with others who share the same attitudes and values. C3 would just be an empty space with cool furniture without  Read more ➝

  • Jul 10 2019

    While June may no longer be an active C3 Member, she is a C3 OG and a loyal friend of our growing Community. Erinn Donnell sat down with June before her departure to give us a glimpse inside her creative world. What’s your favorite business or productivity tool? I love Evernote for tracking to-do’s and  Read more ➝

  • Jul 10 2019

    While C3 WorkLounge may not be new to the Proximity Network, we want to take the time to show them off a bit! Located in Missoula, MT, this space offers rotating food trucks, snacks and beverages, private phone booths, business-class copy services, and more. C3 is the place to get in, sit down, and get shit done!  Read more ➝