Why coworking?

Networking and collaboration

Coworking allows you the opportunity to network and collaborate with a wide range of bright minds. You might even make new friends in the process. Proximity gives you the chance to “pick the brains” of professionals in your own line of work as well as those in related fields.

Breaking out of your comfort zone

Working across the desk from someone with a completely different skill set can help you discover a new source of ideas. You might find your brain is starting to work in different ways, too. When you break out of your comfort zone, you’re giving yourself a chance to devise fresh solutions to existing problems. Interacting with coworkers facilities this kind of breakthrough.

Working at your own pace

Coworking makes it possible for you to create some space between you and your clients — just enough to redirect energy to your own projects and move at your own pace. Stop devoting hours to the same interruptions and distractions that normally plague your days. Why not work in a new environment, surrounded by new people and new stimuli? Coworking can be a respite from day-to-day workplace worries about strict deadlines or clients trying to reach you at your primary location.

Utilizing the amenities

This is an ideal time to be a freelancer or solopreneur. Coworking spaces allow a startup to maintain an address for receiving packages and mail. You can rent small offices to meet with clients or use a conference room or call booth to call clients from a no-kid zone. The snacks and drinks aren’t bad, either.

Avoiding loneliness and isolation

Working at home can have an isolating effect after a period of time. Coworking is an easy fix. Working amidst others can lend a sense of camaraderie, even when you’re creating alongside complete strangers.

Source: Entrepreneur

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything. Wrapping up the first week here and I couldn't be happier with the space, the people and the service. It's more than I expected and I really appreciate it.

Peter K.

C3 has blown away all my expectations, largely because of all the effort and care you put into it. It's greatly appreciated!

Matt O.

Thank you for setting us up in the meeting room, WE LOVED THE SPACE! It was so refreshing to be in such a beautiful space yesterday! The C3 WorkLounge is a great addition to the Missoula Community.

Beth W.

C3 has been an amazing fit for me. It is a clean, quiet, productive space with everything you need to get your work done! It's great to be working alongside other entrepreneurs, remote workers and creatives. Personally, it's helped me with my work/life balance significantly. There are always plenty of snacks, coffee and other beverages to keep you fueled throughout the day. I'm so glad the C3 WorkLounge exists!

Hannah G.

This is the best workspace in Missoula, I'm so happy C3 is here. The space is bright, welcoming and everyone is extremely friendly. There are a variety of spots to work – large, open desks, cozy couches by the fire and tall standing tables. My workdays at C3 are productive and relaxed with the perfect balance of social interaction and getting work done. Thanks for creating such a beautiful place to work!

Margo S.

I love working in the C3 WorkLounge! I've got a dedicated desk here and I love it! It's been great for me to separate work from home and has made it much easier for me to relax when I head home! Everyone I've worked with has been awesome - I'd definitely recommend the WorkLounge!

Dennis W.

Great space, great people!

Sydney S.